The PSAT and SAT Preparation classes are part of our academic programming.

The PSAT or Preliminary SAT workshop is available for 10th graders while our SAT workshop is better suited for 11th graders. With the possibility of the National Merit Scholarship, our classes are designed to help students perform at their highest level.

For both 10th and 11th graders, we expound on what they can expect on test day. We dive into test-taking tips and help our Elite learners develop the confidence they need to take the test by exposing them to the format, structure, and type of questions tested in the PSAT and SAT. We also teach learners time breakdown.

The class also delves into the topics and concepts assessed by the tests. Instructors explore  Math, Writing, and Reading skills which are what the test primarily tests.

To end the program, we simulate test conditions and review incorrect answers to ensure our learners will excel.

Program Goals:

  • Prepare learners to take the PSAT and SAT
  • Equip learners with test taking strategies
  • Encourage academic excellence
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