Mentorship Through Martial arts is another program through which we try to reach the young people within our communities. This program introduces learners to in-depth mentoring through the use of this ancient art.

For us here at Elite, martial arts is not a means of war, but a way to boost confidence and promote discipline.

In this after-school program, learners will get to be more active, building their strength and flexibility. They will also learn respect and enhance their listening skills as the program will demand that they follow instructions.

Within the Mentoring Through Martial arts program, students will find a safe space to grow, they will learn conflict resolution, and find ways to promote peace. They will find their pride in this program that creates a sense of belonging.

Program Goals:

  • Promote confidence and self-esteem
  • Build strength and flexibility
  • Promote respect and listening skills
  • Create an atmosphere of belonging
  • Promote teamwork

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Camara Jackson
Executive Director and CEO

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