Sports remain a universal connector. They transcend backgrounds and experiences to create a common ground for people to connect and engage.

This is why we here at Elite Learners, Inc., approach sports from all angles. We understand that through sports, students can develop life skills that go beyond the sports grounds into their personal lives and communities.

Our Mentorship Through Double Dutch program is designed for learners with a sporting interest outside other popular sports.

In this program, our Elite learners will interact with mentors and coaches who can guide them beyond sports. Our mentors won't just coach, they will be guiding lights for students, building lifelong connections with them.

Through this sports program, learners will acquire interpersonal and social skills like confidence and communication. They will learn to value self-discipline and the importance of teamwork.

Within this program, our Elite learners will find people of their kind and build new friendships while learning skills they can use to transform their communities.

Program Goals:

  • Promote peer relationship
  • Connect Elite learners with mentors who can guide them through life
  • Encourage self-discipline

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Camara Jackson
Executive Director and CEO

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