Elite Chess Club is part of our arts and culture program and committed to providing a safe space for children after-school.
Chess is a strategy game, developed to exercise the brain and encourage critical thinking.
During the program, we nurture such skills. Our mentors prompt learners to visualize possible scenarios and conceptualize probable outcomes. This helps them gain foresight and develop problem-solving skills.  
Since the game in its nature also rewards focus, it boosts concentration and memory. The decoding, comprehension, and analysis skills developed through the game aids students even off the board. Chess players score 10% higher on reading tests and 35% higher in critical thinking.
Our Chess Club after-school program is geared to foster relationships and growth through fun and exciting programs.

Program Goals:

• Improve analytical, critical, and creative thinking skills

• Enhance foresight

• Increase concentration and focus

• Create a safe space for students after school

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Camara Jackson
Executive Director and CEO

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