Arts and culture are the cornerstones of every community. Not only do they connect us and help us relate to each other, but they strengthen a sense of identity and free space for creativity.

Our arts and culture after-school program includes painting, culinary arts, photography, dance, and drama.

In the Mentorship Through Dance program, our Elite learners can expect to be immersed in different dance disciplines. We offer choreography in more cultural disciplines like African dance, go classical with ballet, and venture into fusion dance with hip-hop. We also offer majorette, modern, and step dance classes.

Our Mentorship Through Drama aims to develop socially and emotionally prepared young leaders. Through drama productions and behind-the-stage exposure learners will develop artistic intelligence, better understand team building, and venture into discovering who they are.

Through the Mentorship Through Robotics program, Our Elite learners will be exposed to science and math concepts in depth. They will get an opportunity to interact with community leaders in this sector and learn how they can develop careers within the robotics industry. This program integrates the STEM curriculum into our programs and introduces students to the field of science and engineering.

Program Goals:

  • Build a sense of self-worth in learners
  • Emotionally and socially equipped youth
  • Develop leaders furnished to flourish both in the classroom and in their communities
  • Develop scientifically inclined youth

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Executive Director and CEO

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