As Elite Learners, Inc. we pride ourselves in our work. But most importantly, we celebrate the impact it has on our communities.

Every student program within our network is designed to facilitate an atmosphere where young people can thrive. This is what is at the center of our mentorship approach.

We have two umbrella mentorship programs within the public-school system; the Brothers Bonded program and Elite Girls to Queens program.

The Brothers Bonded Mentorship Program

This program is dedicated to providing young boys with the support system they need as they transition to adulthood.

Our mentors don’t attempt to fill the gap as fathers but rather step up as older brothers. They provide a room where young men can talk and build a brotherhood

Elite Girls to Queens Mentorship Program

Elite Girls to Queens unites young girls with adult mentors who can provide them with guidance as they evolve into adults.

The program gives our girls an environment where they can discuss topics and ask questions they won’t feel comfortable asking their teachers.

Our approach to mentorship is grounded in providing a safe space for young people.

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Camara Jackson
Executive Director and CEO

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