Elite Robotics is an excellent program to facilitate teamwork and provide an immersive STEM learning experience.

Robotics, programming, and AI continue to cement their place within the workforce. This demands that education adapts to meet the new demands attached to the workplace.

Our robotics program for young people aged 7 to 18 not only prepares them to meet the changing employment landscape but also helps students become more innovative and critical thinkers. The program expands leadership skills and refines socialization. It also places students on a global level of educational competitiveness.

Through robotics, we bring STEM to life. Students see the direct correlation between these subjects and their real-life applications.

However, this program is not just for young people interested in engineering and math. Robotics encompasses three major phases: design, coding, and construction. Our Elite Learners can create teams according to their strengths and work on the projects together.

This is how we exemplify teamwork.

Program Goals:

  • Create an immersive learning experience
  • Spark creativity and exploration
  • Develop innovation and critical thinking skills
  • Build teamwork

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Camara Jackson
Executive Director and CEO

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