There is an unfortunate truth that plagues global communities and is no less a scourge across America. Young men are falling into criminal activity at unprecedented rates. This is a direct response to the lack of fathers and positive male role models within our communities.

This is the gap Brothers Bonded aims to bridge.

Brothers Bonded is a community-based mentorship program for boys aged 7 to 18. Through this program, boys experiencing turbulent transitions have a solid support system from male mentors within their communities.

Not only do we provide a safe space for young men to develop and grow, but we offer a brotherhood that is real even through various life experiences.

Our program gives young men navigational systems in their lives and communities. Instead of running solo and facing the risk of falling through the cracks, these boys will have people to look up to.

Program Goals:

  • Help young men navigate their way through adulthood
  • Build a strong sense of brotherhood
  • Guide young boys into constructive decision making
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Camara Jackson
Executive Director and CEO

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