Besides our PSAT and SAT Preparation Program and Summer Camp, we also offer students an array of academic programs suited for our school districts.

Our Academic Camps are designed to fit the public school curriculum and include three major test preps:

  • Regents Examination
  • AP Tests
  • ACT Tests

During the Academic Camps, learners can receive meaningful feedback from their instructors and be equipped with test-taking strategies.

We explore the test content, format, structure, and appropriate time breakdown. Another area instructors rigorously review are question and answer analysis. We try to make our programs a safe and judgment-free space for test preparation.

To cap it all off, students will undergo timed drills during practice test sessions to mimic testing conditions and place students in the best position to ace their tests.

Program Goals:

  • Boost students’ test-taking confidence
  • Provide test feedback
  • Explore test sections and provide detailed exam breakdowns

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