Financial Literacy has an important place in our modern communities. It doesn't only form the foundation of your relationship with money, but it is about building a concrete understanding of money and its use. This includes  how you manage personal finances, budget, and grow wealth through investing.

The lack of this understanding can lead to catastrophic financial outcomes, and hinder you from achieving financial success. Yet 66% of Americans are considered by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority as financially illiterate.

Our Financial Literacy program is developed to help individuals attain a better understanding of their finances.

Our workshop strives to help participants embark on a journey to financial freedom. We instill the value of financial accountability while still promoting a wealth mindset.

During the course of the program, we will guide you on how to develop a plan to meet your financial goals. We will walk you through the practical steps of budgeting; what it means to protect your credit and the basics of credit reporting.

Other skills included in the program are:

  • Fundamentals of credit scoring
  • How to spend money
  • What happens to your money in the bank

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