Since Elite Learners, Inc. began, we’ve focused on growing our communities, expanding our learners’ vision, creating a safe space, and encouraging them to strive for their best.

We realize our vision every day through our well-planned and interactive workshops. We don’t stop at sports or after-school programs. We provide an array of activities tailored to the entire community.

Depending on the program, our workshops run either during the evening or on weekends. They are a gold mine for developmental and goal-setting skills.

The different programs offered in our workshops include:

  • Vision Boards Development Workshop Vision boards help individuals set clear direction for their lives and map out exactly what they want to achieve in the different aspects of their lives. We use interactive methods to help our community members plan their lives clearly on paper.
  • Goal Setting  Goal setting is an aspect of success. We use different goal-setting steps to help our students and community members set long-term goals and develop daily motivation.
  • Computer and Financial Literacy  These literacy workshops aim to improve key skills needed to develop financial security and in-depth computer understanding.

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Camara Jackson
Executive Director and CEO

We look forward to working with you, thank you for choosing Elite Learners, Inc to partner with.


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