An interactive, all-encompassing workshop is what participants will find in our Computer Literacy program. In the age where technology is a part of our daily lives, there is no denying the importance of computer literacy. Being computer literate means you can effectively use computers and the technology connected to them. In our workshops, this also means mastery of popular productivity software.

According to, 83% of businesses depend on Microsoft Office as their choice of productivity software.

For individuals who anticipate entering the workforce, knowledge of this software will open them up to better opportunities, enhance their professionalism and help them stay updated.

In the workshop, participants will learn important computer skills. They will gain an in-depth understanding of productivity suites such as Microsoft Suite which covers Excel, Word, and PowerPoint, and Google Suite which spans from Docs to Worksheets.

For beginners, our classes also dabble into computer basics such as navigating user interfaces, using search engines, and navigating the keyboard.

At the end of every workshop, participants are equipped with competitive skills and are better positioned to handle the demands of the workplace.

Program Goals:

  • Equip participants with competitive skills
  • Promote computer skills
  • Enhance the effective use of computers
  • Ready participants to enter the workforce

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