We are seeking to hire Violence Interrupter’s to provide community supportive services. The Violence Interrupter will work with the greater Elite team to identify and intervene with others in the neighborhood most likely to retaliate.

Violence Interrupters may perform many of the following tasks:

  • Identify and diffuse "hot spots" for shootings and violence, learning about the causes of shootings and severe violence in order to assist in resolving situations and preventing retaliation between individuals and groups
  • Work to intervene in circumstances in which gun violence is likely, including possible retaliation.
  • Conduct daily (team) community canvassing- walking the service area to establish program presence, understand current and past conflicts, create opportunities for informal contact with those at risk of involvement in shootings and other serious violence and become familiar with community members.
  • Respond to shootings and other acts of violence in the 41st and 43rd Districts.
  • Identify youth who are at-risk for being involved in violent activities and provide them with assistance/resources.
  • Form relationships with the highest risk people in the community, as well as people who know them.
  • Conduct outreach to the community to build strong relationships with youth, residents, businesses and community groups.
  • Talk to residents in the area of Brownsville and Prospect Lefferts Garden about potential conflicts and assist in preventing them.
  • Participate in organizing responses to shootings and increasing visibility when shootings/killings take place; attend and help facilitate community events and shooting responses
  • Work with community partners to identify and diffuse “hot spots” for shootings and violence.
  • Report to VI Supervisor and keep him informed of all relevant community activities.
  • Document shootings and other acts of violence that are prevented and all contacts with high risk individuals.


  • HS Diploma or equivalent
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Reside within and/or have in-depth knowledge of Brownsville/PLG (Brooklyn) target area is preferred
  • Experience working with at-risk youth and gang members
  • Able to walk 30 blocks or more on a regular basis
  • Able to pass a drug screening
  • Ability to work a flexible schedule that includes some late evenings and weekends
  • Committed to working toward positive community change
  • Experience or training in crisis intervention


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