A crisis management system (CMS) outreach worker was shot on Thursday night in the stomach, and now crisis management organizations across the city are joining forces.  

CMS worker N'Dia Brissett, who works for Brownsville In Violence Out, was escorting a youth participant home to ensure they got home safely, when she was struck by a bullet that wasn’t intended for her.  

Organizations from all five boroughs came together on Sutter Avenue in Brooklyn not far from where Brissett was struck while doing her job.  

“Just credible in her field of work,” said Dushoun Almond, program manager for Brownsville In Violence Out, about Brissett. “She just wants to help everybody and provide resources, she’s a great individual.”  

Crisis management workers say they risk their lives every day to create better neighborhoods, but they are fearing for their safety.

"Our lives are always in danger, whenever we come out to do the work,” said A.T. Mitchell-Mann, CEO of Man Up Incorporated and a co-chair of the mayor’s Task Force for Gun Violence Prevention. “Because she was shot and injured, we wanted to show her this force and solidarity and compassion for her to get well.”

All of those CMS organizations made their way to Brookdale Hospital, where Brissett is recovering, to show their support.


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