Community and anti-violence groups are doing a victory lap, after a relatively calm weekend compared to the violence that has plagued the city all summer.

“We’re putting the work in Brownsville. I’m proud of you,” said Camara Jackson, founder of Elite Learners.

There were 23 shootings over the three-day weekend, but that was slightly less than during the Labor Day Weekend last year.

More importantly, these groups point out there was only one shooting in Central Brooklyn, where the West Indian Day Parade and the celebration that precedes it, J’Ouvert take place.

Violence has marred these events in the past. This year, because of the pandemic they were celebrated virtually, but some still gathered to celebrate.

A woman and her six-year-old son were among five people shot near one of those celebrations ‪Monday morning.

“That’s an unfortunate situation that happened, however us being out here made a big difference. Imagine if we wasn’t out here, “ said Anthony Green, violence interrupter at Elite Learners.

These anti-violence groups say they made a bigger difference this Labor Day with better coordination among them and a heavy focus on the Eastern Parkway area.

The NYPD also had more officers out over the weekend patrolling the parade route.

On Mornings on 1 Tuesday, the police commissioner said overall it was a positive weekend. Police made 37 gun arrests on Monday alone and 160 in the past week, a 25 year high.

But the commissioner again said arrests don’t mean much without consequences for those who carry illegal guns.

“The mindset of the criminal is that there are no consequences. When you’re carrying a gun a month after you’re caught with a gun, they’re obviously not too worried about it, “ said NYPD Commissioner Dermot Shea.

Meanwhile these community groups say their work this weekend proves they’re worthy of more funding and more resources.

“You’re looking at the solution for violence in our city, you just have to support it in full fledge in full force , “ said A.T. Mitchell, founder of Man Up Inc.


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